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The sale is back on, if it ever really stopped!

We have a new sipper 6-pack that is all about Pinot, but not just Pinot Noir, we've got the whole family! Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Noir, and none are what you'd expect, and all have an eye to the season.

We are also bringing back our California 6-pack. This weekend is the 4th, so we thought we'd celebrate with our neighbor to the south again.

Finally, and possibly the most exciting, 6-pack we've featured yet. We have a 6 pack of the new releases from the EnvĂ­nate crew, one of the most exciting wine projects coming out of Spain right now. All 6 of their releases from Tenerife, of the Canary Islands.

TO ORDER scroll down to the bottom of the page, select your wine bundle of choice, follow the steps to securely order your wine. All payments will be processed ahead of time through our website.

Once you order they will be available for pickup at Le Pigeon on

Thursday and Friday
from 2 - 7
(we are closed on Saturday, the 4th)

You can pick them up from our front door, or we can bring them out to your car. If those times do not work for you, please let us know and we can arrange an alternative.

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