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The sale rolls on!

We have 3 new wine packs this week.

The new sipper 6-pack is part one of two: "French Discoveries." Let’s be honest though we didn't “discover” them here on the corner of SE 8th avenue and Burnside. What we mean by discovery is that it is a wine that is either completely new to us, or it’s one that makes us look at a grape or a region in a new way, or perhaps it is a newer producer who is making wines in a way that makes us take notice. We hope that these discoveries pique your interest and quench your thirst as much as they have ours!

Next is a 3-pack of Loire Valley Gems; a Muscadet that was aged on the lees for 3.5 years before bottling. Chenin Blanc that tastes like no other, and a 2008 Cab Franc that is just beginning to sing its solo.

Finally a 3-pack of something new for your palate to discover. 3 smoking good wines from Hungary, yes Hungary. You can't travel to a new place these days, so why not try some juice that is brand-spanking new to you.

TO ORDER scroll down to the bottom of the page, select your wine bundle of choice, follow the steps to securely order your wine. All payments will be processed ahead of time through our website.

Once you order they will be available for pickup at Le Pigeon on

Tuesday through Saturday
from 12 - 4
(Beginning on Wednesday, 8/12)

You can pick them up from our front door, or we can bring them out to your car. If those times do not work for you, please let us know and we can arrange an alternative.

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